Research paper template

Description of Research Paper Template

  • Title
  • Author – The Working Party is the author of the paper.
  • Abstract – The abstract should present briefly and clearly, in no more than 200 words, the main goal and results of the investigation. The abstract should be independent of the main text, without equations, figures and references. Include all relevant phrases and key words that describe your research, because the title and abstract are the main source of bibliographical information. A missing key word from the abstract can make a paper hard to find from bibliographical databases. The major parts of the abstract are:
    • Motivation
    • Method
    • Results
    • Conclusions
    • Availability
    • Keywords
  • Abbreviations and notations – a table listing the critical abbreviations and notations used.
  • Introduction – present clearly and briefly the problem investigated, with relevant references. The main results should be enunciated.The major parts of the Introduction are:
    • Research context statement:
      • Focus areas of the science to be addressed (from the Research Taxonomy).
      • Literature review of related research: gaps or weaknesses in the research to date, and how the paper will attempt to address the problems.
    • Outline of the remainder of the paper.
    • Text body to include research methods, models and results
    • Results and Discussion
    • Conclusions and Further Research Opportunities
    • Acknowledgements
    • Supplementary Material: additional electronic material such as databases, sample spreadsheets, etc. Available online alongside the electronic version of the paper.
    • Appendices-Use letters (A,B, …) to distinguish different appendices. Begin each appendix on a new page.
    • References – should list the author(s), title, publisher, publication, dates, and pages numbers for the first and last pages.
    • Biographies of Working Party Members
    • Other Notes:
      • Fill the different sections with your text, figures, and tables. If you need more sections of a specific type, just copy and paste the existing sections.
      • All figures and pictures must be IN LINE WITH TEXT: mouse right click on the picture, Format picture/Layout/In line with text.

Below you can see our sample research paper template