Argumentative Research Paper Topics for High School

  1. Does your vote count?
  2. Does diversity in media matter?
  3. Does the wage gap really exist?
  4. What should be done about gun control in the US?
  5. Does the average citizen need to have the right to own a gun?
  6. Should marijuana be legalized?
  7. Should religion have a place in government?
  8. Should students be allowed to choose their own classes (as they do in college) from a younger age?
  9. Is net neutrality important?
  10. Is single-sex education beneficial or harmful to students?
  11. What should young people be given more credit for?
  12. Is the widespread increased use of technology good for young children—or does it harm their development?
  13. How is the President doing at his job?
  14. Do movements like Black Lives Matter and #MeToo promote inclusiveness and awareness or division and inequality?
  15. What is the greatest threat to our environment?
  16. Should we be investing in space exploration?
  17. Is the development of technology that automates jobs previously held by real people good or bad for our society?
  18. Is celebrity culture harmful or harmless? Why?
  19. What types of restrictions should there be on abortions?
  20. How involved should the US get in conflicts in other parts of the world?
  21. Should employers be required to pay a living wage?
  22. What is the line between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation?
  23. Do corporations have social responsibilities to their customers?
  24. Should there be restrictions or laws on what types of bathrooms trans people can use?
  25. What types of academic requirements should student athletes have to meet in order to maintain their eligibility to compete?
  26. The Electoral College—effective or outdated?
  27. Which branch of government is the most important?
  28. Is homeschooling good for students?
  29. Should hate speech be protected under free speech?
  30. Should an employer be able to fire someone if the employer has a problem with the employee’s race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, identity, etc.?
  31. Are GMO foods good or bad for our country?
  32. What levels of education do people really need in order to be qualified to enter the workforce?
  33. Do our schools today adequately prepare students for the real world?
  34. What is the best way for the average person to make a difference?
  35. Should people who make more money pay taxes on a higher percentage of their income?